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Barca presidential candidate Laporta names key thing that will help him keep Leo

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Laporta is confident that Messi wants to stay at the club.

The ex-president claims that Leo hates to see other teams win the CL.

Laporta believes he has an advantage over other candidates that will help him keep the Argentine - he's won his trust.

"I am sure Messi wants to continue at Barca," presidential candidate Joan Laporta has told ESPN.

"It will depend on the proposal that the new president makes him. He needs to see that there is a competitive team to reignite the love story Barca had with the Champions League but which has been on hold in recent years.

"[The club] have repeatedly lied to him and, on top of that, things haven't gone as everyone wanted. He is at a point in his career where he still wants to be successful and win titles.

"He cannot keep accepting that other teams win the Champions League and Barca, with Lionel, the best player in the history of the game, do not have a team competitive enough to be able to win it.

"Along with turning around the club's financial situation, the priority is to make a proposal to Lionel that convinces him to stay. I hope I arrive in time. And I have an advantage: Messi's trust.

"He knows the offer I make will be real and I will fulfil it. I think that will help a lot and is an advantage over the other candidates."

Messi's contract at Barcelona expires in July 2021, and he will be free to negotiate with other clubs starting on January 1. Meanwhile, the presidential election at the club will take place on January 24, it'll be over a month until a club representative can sit down and offer Leo an extension.


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