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Edouard Mendy's mistimed tackle led to Sigurdsson scoring the penalty that gave Everton the lead.

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LayZ85: "Zouma was the only one trying to move the ball forward, it was as if we were waiting for something to happen. Well, it did. Let's see how we react now."

Shinnaminbuns: "Honestly, we bitched about Kepa never coming out, now were mad that Mendy did. Obviously it was bad, but I think it's on Silva for not stopping that whole situation from happening."

The Shed End

fitz: "I was worried that Mendy would make a ricket next so soon after being hurt. Poor judgement."

PhilH930: "Sloppy all over. One long pass. The team needs to wake up. Concern for me when Kova and Mount are off the pace." 

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