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Mark Lawrenson prediction Chelsea - West Ham: 'They'll make things difficult for Frank Lampard's side'

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Chelsea's inconsistent form shows that they are not yet a finished product and West Ham, meanwhile, have shown a resilient side to his game recently.

Still, Lawrenson expects Chelsea to beat their London rivals 2-0.

West Ham are in good shape - really well organised, resilient, and with a threat going forward," ex-Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson told BBC.

"Chelsea have narrowly lost their past two games, at Everton and Wolves but that only backs up what I thought about them already - that they have got the makings of a very good side, but aren't quite there yet

"This should be a good game, and West Ham will make things difficult for Frank Lampard's side, but I think it will see the end of this little blip by the Blues," the pundit concludes, predicting a 2-0 win for the Blues.

Worryingly, Chelsea were beaten twice by the Hammers last season - so the Blues have two losing streaks they need to snap on Monday night.

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