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Rio Ferdinand: ‘It’ll be very difficult for Pogba to leave if United win the Premier League

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The former United captain believes Old Trafford must be a happy place for the Frenchman to be at right now.

Rio says that Pogba is the kind of player to try and create a legacy for himself at United.

Speaking about Paul Pogba’s contract situation at Man United, Rio Ferdinand said: “Whenever I've spoken to Paul Pogba, he's happiest when he is playing football on a regular basis. When he is playing good football and winning, he is a happy person.

“Man United right now must be a happy place for him to be. For him to leave and go somewhere else if they win the league as well, I think it'll be very difficult.“It'll be very difficult for him to walk out and a new contract will be on the table. For him to walk away from something he was very committed to when he walked through the door, he wanted to win things here.

“I think he's the type of person who would want to continue and try and create a legacy at this football club. At this moment in time, if Pogba leaves at the end of the season even if United win the league, he hasn't created the legacy that he would have wanted to when he walked through that door.

“Let's not get it twisted, every player who walks into a football club wants to make their mark on the fabric of the football club. I said I wanted to leave an imprint on United when I signed and Pogba is made up of the same stuff. He is here to play in the Champions League and win Premier Leagues.”

Pogba is not thinking about the future at Old Trafford right now and will probably discuss his contract situation after the season is over. While his agent Mino Raiola indicated that the Frenchman wants to leave in the summer, but noticing how happy and dedicated he looks right now, Pogba could potentially change his mind and extend his stay at United if something special unravels at the end of the season.

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