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 How To Make Payments From Nigeria For Our VIP Plans and What To Send Next After Payment Read The Description Below!

We Have 2 VIP Plans On Our Website Which are the  VIP Plan,  and The Rollover VIP plan.

Click Here To Learn About Our  VIP Plan !

Click Here To Learn About Our Rollover VIP Plan!

The  VIP Plan Costs 10,000 Naira If You are Paying Within Nigeria. While the Rollover VIP plan cost 25,000 Naira 

If You Are Not A Nigerian Or If You Are Paying From Outside Nigeria, These Prices And Payment Information Found On This Page Are Not For You, 

You May Need To Click Here To Find Out How To Make Payments From Outside Nigeria. It’s so easy!

To Subscribe To Any Of Our Plans ( OUR VIP PLAN, OR OUR ROLLOVER VIP Plan!),

 You Will Need To Make The Payment To The  Bank Accounts Below. 

Click Here To Find Our Bank Details Or You Can Scroll Down After This Post To See Our Bank Details.

After That Send Us These Five Details:

1. Your Name

2. Your Phone Number

3. The Bank You Paid 

4. The Amount You Paid

5. Your Email Address.  To Our Email Address Or A Phone Number ( 08130147715 / [email protected] )

Please Note: We Need An Email Address Or A Phone Number To Register Your VIP TIPS, Without Your Phone Number or Email Address We Cannot Complete Your Registration Process, . We only need your email and phone number to keep in touch with you when we have information that we will like to share with you.

In less than 5 minutes after confirmation of payment and withdrawal of your payment, we will be sending you the  VIP Tips Through Your Email Address Or Via Whatsapp With The Phone Number Your Sent To Us.

Scroll Down To See Our Bank Details

If you are paying within Nigeria, Here Are The Payment Details Needed To Make The Payment Below. Kindly Pay Into The Bank To Be Registered. If You Are A Nigerian You Can Use Mobile Transfers, ATM’s, Online Banking e.t.c. To Make Your Payments

Account Number  -:- 0158599477
Account type:  Savings account.

Follow the links below to see more information about the VIP plan and Rollover plan.

Click here to know about the  VIP plan.

Click here to know about the VIP plan winning rate.

Click here to learn about our  VIP rollover plan!

Click here to know how to make payments from Nigeria for the VIP plan.

Click here to know how to make payment for the  VIP plan if you are living outside Nigeria.

Click here to see screen-shots of some of our won VIP tips.

Click here to see our past VIP  premium package results / archive

Click here to see full details on VIP  premium package and how to Apply.

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